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A CALL TO NATURE-Crazy for the Storm

Happy Canada Day!

On my nature channel I cover a wide range of topics as it relates to the power of nature. How certain plants heal us, how the ocean provides medicines, how continuing exploration in all nature empowers us with hope to find cures for many diseases and helps heal us in many ways. The power of the human mind is astonishing if one really observes. It is very sophisticated.

This week on my channel "A Call to Nature" I take a different twist and share with you powerful real life nature stories of survival and research. Lessons that have both taken life and saved lives.

If you enjoy- subscribe to my channel for short micro videos on natural remedies, nature stories that inspire and how to apply nature as medicine. We sometimes just need to know where to look! Often triumph can be found in the lessons of tragedy. This brings me to a story in the California Mountains as I kick the week off. While this story happened in the United States, if you have ever spent time in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, you can only imagine how much human spirit to live it would have taken to find the way home. Mountains are big and incredibly unforgiving in the elements.

Happy Canada Day

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

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