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Are you struggling with a chronic illness? You can Live Your Best Life

As the founder of Live Blue Consulting, I understand the challenges that life can throw our way. While I may not have personally experienced a chronic illness, I've navigated my own journey of resilience and adaptation after a traumatic accident nearly cost me the use of my dominant arm. It was a pivotal moment that tested my resolve and forced me to discover new ways of living and thriving.

My 'aha' moment came when I realized that my life was my responsibility and that I didn't get a do-over in this life. It was a profound realization that shifted my perspective and fueled my determination to make the most of every opportunity, despite the obstacles in my path.

Learning to thrive and find workarounds took many years and five surgeries. Throughout this challenging journey, I discovered my purpose in the water. Water sports became my sanctuary, allowing me to test new limits with my arm and rehabilitate to become better 1 percent every day.

In moments of uncertainty, I learned firsthand the power of resilience and the importance of embracing change with courage and determination. It's this spirit of resilience that drives me to empower others facing their own health challenges to reclaim control of their lives and embrace their full potential.

Now, imagine this for you. Your Best Life isn't just a luxury; in our world, it's a necessity for the most important treasure of life—YOUR HEALTH. With the right approach, you can live a meaningful life the way you want. Better than ever.

Are you ready?

Through Live Blue Consulting, I'm dedicated to guiding individuals on a transformative journey toward wellness, offering support, expertise, and practical tools to help them navigate life's obstacles and emerge stronger than ever before. Because no matter the challenge we face, we all have the ability to live our best lives."

As I get older - I continue to make adjustments. Arthritis is becoming a unwanted acquaintance in the arm with the surgery but that too can be dealt with.

Wishing you an amazing day,

Danielle Pointon

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