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Blue Zones - what is it and why is there so much discussion around it these days?

Everywhere we turn today we are either hearing about sickness or the way we should be living to promote a healthier lifestyle. WOW! It is a lot of information and everyone seems to have a different opinion.

My journey to researching Blue Zones started not so long ago. I was laying down on my yoga mat in front of the fireplace- catching some peace and quiet while doing my stretching.

Looking down at my shirt, I noticed I had what seemed to be a golf ball lump close to my under arm on my chest. I thought something was stuck in my shirt. It was not...

Clearly a large mass had formed - and I do not need to tell you what the first thought is going through my mind. It had been only a short time since loosing our mother to blood cancer- so the "C" diagnosis was fresh in my mind.

Going through the mental game of possibly preparing for bad news is a process. Fast forward- I was fortunate to be told the mass was not what I thought it could be. With that said so many people do not get that same good news.

This is where I came across Blue Zones- Looking for practical healthy living strategies I turned to researching people who where living very long lives and how? I bought the book Blue Zones kitchen and learned all kinds of tips. Blue Zones are places in the world that have the longest living people. Dan Buettner has published ample research.

After close review I have determined top three tips:

1. It is my belief "compounded stress" is taking years off of our lives, People who live long lives seem to have found a balance and harmony in their life journey. Yes some longevity is genetic, but the majority is our conditioning and habits. If you cannot manage your stress- seek help and get to know yourself better.

2. Socializing with loved ones and friends- this triggers our feel good hormones and acts like a natural medicine in stress management.

3. Move the body. The Blue Zones teaches us that people who live longer in the "Blue Zone" areas, walk everywhere and get their exercise going from Point A to Point B or doing chores. This is not high impact - it is just more constant movement.

I hope this inspires you to look up Dan Buettner

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

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