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Happy New Year! What does your crystal ball hold for you in 2024?

This image is part of my story! Read on...

The thing is, no one can answer that question! With that said, you can stack the deck for positive life rich experiences with some preparation. Like keep the body moving, balance with needed rest and nutrition. If you have followed my blogs-I am a big believer in the 80/20 rule. What is all work with no play.

I will share an experience with you from yesterday. I have been travelling over the past week a lot to connect with family, the trip is a little over 1400 km's one way- gives me many hours for -thinking and music. (or perhaps podcasts). My GPS kept rerouting me, so I just turned it off. This got me thinking, what did we ever do before we had these things? Use maps OR Get lost and learn to find the right way! Will my child's, child even know what a MAP is?

Well right or wrong - the traditionalist in me believes there is a huge benefit in not always using the GPS and embarking on discovery, You know take a wrong road, go the long way, stop and ask for directions. You get my point!

Back to my story- yesterday I did that going on memory from 35 years ago route-no GPS. As a child our family would camp out by North Beach at an old family cottage. A place we had lots of campfires, did a lot of waterskiing and also the place I learned how to swim as a kid.

I like to hike so I started to walk down the highway close from where I am staying. I recognized the name of the road from many years ago and seen that a new Vineyard has been established-"Red Tail". I don't really know where this will lead me but I keep walking- things are looking very familiar. I bump into a man walking his dog and we get talking, he shares a story about his hip replacement and how his dog helps get him out for his exercise therapy.

As we talked I mention to him I am going off my memory from a long time ago and explain where I think I am, we talked about people who live in the area now and as life would have it we know a few of the same folks who have now passed. Its so funny how childhood memories are amazingly vivid. I could walk the roads like it was yesterday once I pinpointed the old cottage -now torn down with a beautiful house in its place.

As for the new vineyard - because the country side is so beautiful- if you enjoy these types of visits- put Prince Edward County on your bucket list-it will not disappoint.

The moral to my story- sometimes getting lost or taking a new road with unexpected turns and twists will lead you to both new and known experiences. I ran into a navigator, asked for directions, saw a new vineyard and visited the place I learned to swim and ski.

Wishing you all life rich experiences in 2024. PS - do not miss my comment on the therapy dog! They work wonders- and that is what my platform is all about. Useful life advice-no charge just real people using real solutions.

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

For wine lovers make Prince Edward County a stop! Ontario wines are great! SCAN QR for RedTail Vineyards!

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