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Mind over matter- Water heals the mind!

"Kayaking is my medicine" Ed Sabir, Vietnam Veteran

January can be a particularly hard month for many people - especially those living in the Northern Hemisphere. A lot of darkness, cold, unpredictable weather etc. We need to remember everything is about perspective.

Here is what I have noticed first hand! I work in the elder people services sector and see many people who are dealing with multiple chronic illness's along with healthcare workers who are managing systems that just need more resources. Simply put it's not a matter of keeping up, its a matter of saying "what fire is next" . With that said it has created environments that are highly stressed and in some cases toxic to the overall health of the mind. Projection of one's dissatisfaction is manifested by sometimes treating others poorly. This is where the strength of our own positive minds- must prevail.

Many things in life can be overwhelming but mind over matter is not just a statement - it is a way of life. Here is a short story from one of my favorite books "BLUE MIND"=Wallace J. Nichols

Hero's on the water- they have a video that starts quietly with an image of sparking, golden lit water, and on it, silhouetted, someone in a kayak, fishing rod in his hand. A few minor-key notes from a piano play in the background as the picture switches to another man, in shorts, shot from the waist down, standing next to a row of kayaks lined up on a riverbank. Before you register that the man only has one leg, the picture switches again, to an overhead shot of someone sitting in a bright yellow kayak with a paddle in one hand- you see they have no arm below the elbow.

The voiceover says " Life is not over after an IED"(Improvised explosive devices)

This is a great example of mind over matter and these people will tell you Water heals the mind for them.

If you find yourself struggling or around negative people- go back to your mind mastery skills, consider what heals your mind and gets yourself back into positive thinking? If outside influences are bringing you down- consider a change...

For more stories of people who have walked through fire and found their inspiration again, take a moment to read about this amazing foundation.

Canadian Water Therapy article

Wishing all a peaceful January and find your diamond that inspires you.

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

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