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Save a Heart! A solution born from a real life event!

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Heart attacks can happen suddenly and without warning. Be prepared with the Save A Heart Emergency Aspirin Pill Fob. Just twist the cap to dispense the pill and take as directed.

Doctors recommend chewing one 325mg ASA tablet for 30 seconds and swallowing it when experiencing signs of a heart attack. The ASA slows clotting and decreases the size of the forming blood clot, thereby preventing the heart attack from becoming more severe.

Consider gifting a pill fob to your loved ones for their birthday, anniversary, or just because! It is a small price to pay to potentially save their life!

Rick Barsky-Member HALL OF SAVES


"Felt shortness of breath on August 30/22 and a "funny" feeling while out walking by myself. Took the 2 Aspirin, called 911. Ambulance arrived minutes later. Sure enough it was a sudden heart attack. The pills in the Save A Heart fob played a role in saving my life. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart."

Sometimes it is the most simple thing.

Danielle Pointon

Lifestyle and wellness

Live Blue Consulting

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