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Tis the season! How do you make time for yourself and your passions?

There is no question this time of year can be very busy and bring on a whole different range of emotions for many people. Whilst many celebrate the holiday season- a large number do not!

A top tip if you are feeling sluggish and overwhelmed with a to do list. Make the time to do something for yourself that is a passion or brings you enjoyment.

This is me on a bay within Lake Ontario- yes it is cold but so refreshing and vibrant. This time of year the mornings are super dark so a lot more time is in the gym and the water sessions on the weekend. I have also attached some hiking shots- the vineyards in Prince Edward County and Hiking Trails are limitless in offering an amazing country experience.

To give to others-make sure you are restoring your own energy- especially if you manage a health condition! A great thing is to make it a family affair to get out into nature:-)

This shot is Wellers Bay

Happy Holiday Season and stay safe

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

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