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What do children's health, photographer David Yarrow and Supermodel Cindy Crawford have in common?

First WHO IS DAVID YARROW? How does living his best life allow him to serve the greater good?

All three come together to support a CHARITY for children: In 2021, Davids collaboration with Cindy Crawford raised over $3m for the UW Health Kids Cancer Care Charity.

“It’s always a pleasure and a thrill to work with my friend David Yarrow and even more so when it’s for a good cause. We returned back to the original Halfway House from the famous Pepsi commercial I did in 1992 to recreate the moment (with a David Yarrow twist) in hopes of raising funds for the UW Health Kids Cancer Care Charity in Madison Wisconsin where my brother was treated for leukaemia,” Cindy said.

BELOW PICTURE: In 2021, David Yarrow recreated and re-imagined Cindy’s iconic Pepsi ad as part of their ongoing collaboration to raise money for the UW Health Kids Cancer Care in Madison.

NOTE: Philanthropy and giving back are central to the values at David Yarrow Photography and since 2018, David’s work has raised over $11m for philanthropic and conservation organisations. Living his dream, striving, failing, redoing, and as he will say - maybe he gets it absolutely right with 5 images a YEAR. I just love this story!

Have an amazing week! This post is meant to inspire people to live their best lives and always find time to give!

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

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