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“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.”― Henry Ford

Ask yourself this: How will you know if you do not try? How else can one discover their best life?

In essence, this quote underscores the importance of a positive and confident mindset when pursuing goals and challenges. It encourages individuals to have a can-do attitude and believe in their potential to make things happen. This concept is often associated with the idea of self-fulfilling prophecies, where what you believe about yourself can influence your actions and outcomes.

This is me below - getting ready for a 31 Mile paddling event on the Tennessee River! Chattajack.

This year 700 plus paddlers gathered together in 2 heats to take on the challenge. My family was in attendance with me, and thankfully along the way were able to help one paddler who ran into a medical challenge and had to retire.

This is not an easy race - it requires a paddler to dig in. With hot temperatures those who come from the North find it a little more challenging. That would be me.

Before any challenge I take a moment to pull in my focus and visualise an end result- does it happen the way I expect, sometimes YES sometimes NO.

October 28th, 2023- Chattanooga- Tennessee

The Lifework Mastery Sessions I developed are all about mindset- click link below for more information.

Goal setting- Focus - and a little luck along the way. My challenges were present- but I took them as they hit.

Have a great week!

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

Lifestyle Consultant

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