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Working Smarter vs. Harder for your Health! Designing your life luck! Who does not love fairytales?

Today the day of inspired luck! Pot of Gold, rainbows and/or horseshoes... Be it what you will!

Many of us choose to believe in a grander plan the universe has. Why? Some of it is marketing, programming of what we are told or consume in media. It also comes from generational norms, usually passed down from grandparents, great grandparents and so on.

I challenge luck vs. a life by design that brings good outcomes.

First, a real life story of blessings, not luck.

A life by design.

Yesterday, I stopped by the retirement community to wish a very special individual an amazing day on what was his 100th birthday party. While I am not family, I have been the lucky recipient of hearing first hand about his remarkable life as a physician.

In short, after taking 5 minutes to track him down with his wife- I find them getting ready just before their family dinner.

I say "I don't want to take much of your time" just wish you the most amazing day with your family!

With tears, they comment on how blessed in that moment they both felt and in true gentle nature, thanked me for taking the time!

I wonder, how many times will I be able to wish someone happy 100th? Hmm.

I figure this must be the byproduct of a rich (I do not mean money) life by design and of giving. The universe has been good to this man and his family because that is what they put into their life plan.

Sometimes it's great to be a fly on the wall and witness such things.

Switching gears now,

Let's talk about working smarter vs. harder.

Without mincing words, we still need to put forth effort, consistency and hard work if we want to be successful in a certain thing. It is a given!

For today, I want to share an article from a course I took a couple years back. It is a good message.

Good health comes from a balanced plan of many factors, we must also consider genetics. This sounds like generic advice, but I cannot tell you how many people say things about their health such as:

If I workout more I will shed these 5 pounds! Many stuck in the future of what has not been achieved yet.

Goals are important- but harness the fact that sometimes more is less. I hope you like this article and find a pathway to live your best life while embracing the moments of "NOW". Being pleased along the way. Your own life fairytale can come to you with an inspired approach and being realistic in your goal setting.

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

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