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In Mommy's Garden- Helping a child understand Cancer

I am sitting in one of my favorite libraries in Boca Grande (I attached some pictures), the Garden is beautiful and it is a very tranquil inspiring place. I came across this book that was written with such a beautiful metaphor regarding explaining a Cancer diagnosis to a young child. Should this conversation need to occur in your life, I hope you find this as meaningful as I did.

Quote" It's enough information for a younger child without getting too involved or using medical terms"

Author: Neyal J. Ammary

  1. This is my mommy. She has an illness. It's called Cancer.

  2. I wondered if you can catch cancer the same way you can catch a cold.

  3. Could I get it too?

  4. But Mommy told me you can't catch it from anyone else and you can't make anyone get cancer.

  5. I didn't really understand what cancer was. But one day, when we were in our garden she explained it to me.

  6. She said that cancer is like the weeds that grow in our flower garden.

  7. Weeds are bad plants that hurt the good plants. They take up space in the garden and can stop the flowers from growing tall, colourful, and healthy.

  8. We do things to weeds, like dig them out or put chemicals on them so they stop growing.

  9. This can hurt the flowers too, making petals and leaves fall off.

  10. Mommy said the medicine she takes works the same way. It tries to get rid of the bad things growing in her body.

  11. But just like weeds in the ground, some kinds of cancer are hard to get out of the body.

  12. That's why some days Mommy feels sick and tired.

  13. This makes me sad when I want her to play outside with me.

  14. It makes her sad too. Sometimes she cries, so do I.

  15. I like to go to the garden and pick flowers for Mommy to make her smile.

  16. Even with weeds in the Garden, flowers can still be beautiful.

Have an amazing day,

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

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