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The Healing Power of Nature

Happy Monday! This week on a call to nature channel we’re sharing real-life stories of people who use nature as medicine. Today, I introduce you to Darion, a remarkable individual living with MS. I met Darion in the park, where he shared his inspiring journey with me. Despite the challenges of MS, Darion maintains an incredibly positive mindset and demonstrates that he can do anything he sets his mind to. His story is a powerful reminder of nature's medicine and the strength of the human spirit. If Darion’s story moves you, I encourage you to step outside, embrace the beauty of nature, and find your own path to wellness. Together, let’s explore, appreciate, and protect the natural world around us. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more uplifting stories from A Call to Nature!

Are you struggling with getting into better life habits that feed your soul and give you energy?

Habit formation can be very difficult - learning to use nature's resources to your benefit might be the recipe you need!

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Wishing you an amazing week,

Danielle Pointon

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