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A Video Message From Cancer Survivors! Be in charge of how you live each day! "Moving Through Cancer"

Today I wanted to share an inspiring video if you or someone you know is moving through diagnosis and/or treatment. A special shout out to Exercise is Medicine, American College of Sport Medicine. Many oncology physicians and hospitals have integrated Maple Tree's onsite programs to further enhance the well being for their Cancer patients, a care plan including movement. Exercise is medicine.

The amazing video is below:

Note: Maple Tree is the leading provider of exercise oncology in the world. They partner with hospitals, fitness centers, and universities across the globe to improve the quality of lives for individuals battling cancer. We accomplish this through our evidence-based, individualized exercise programs.

Our desire is to help all those battling cancer not just to survive…but to THRIVE!

I hope you enjoy this information and find value in it!

PS- In the movie take note of how camaraderie can prevent you from a sense of isolation when going through treatments. Dragonboat teams of Breast Cancer Survivors (picture above)

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

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