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I have been diagnosed with a chronic illness! I am scared and need help...Please listen to my story!

Are you feeling as if it is very difficult to get in front of what needs to get done everyday now that your doctor or health care professional has given you a diagnosis?

Very soon Live Blue Consulting will be launching an online mastery session - to help people like you learn to navigate questions such as this one. I am not a magician and this is not about a quick fix for your life. This is about mastering your mindset first and applying a plan for your life with new information. Learning about yourself and doing a deep dive using a LEARN - DO - BECOME approach using visualization and goal setting will help you tackle any problem in bite sizes pieces.

You may be asking-should I not just be relying on my doctor? The answer is "NO"! Here is why, your doctor may have 500 plus patients and you are one one them. You know you best and need to fight for the life you want. In my mastery program I speak to how you need to be your best advocate. If today you do not have the energy or mental bandwidth to retain information, your healthcare visits may not be productive and your life outlook might seem overwhelming. Let us not risk a mindset that sees a cup half empty - Your CUP is half full and we are going to keep filling it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE...

Please listen to this story of CHARLES, what it meant to SHARE HIS STORY to be seen and heard. Amazing bravery when his life that went off the tracks - to creating meaningful change in a community, healthcare system and his own self agency.

Please listen by clicking the button "WHAT MATTERS MOST" - Then as an exercise afterwards ask yourself "Who is in YOUR BOAT"?

Danielle Pointon

Lifestyle consultant- helping real people find their best life after a chronic illness diagnosis..

Learn-DO and Become Your own Champion!


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