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The real deal about setting SMART goals! They work...

Learning how to set goals for yourself, not only will help you check off some of the items in your bucket list- it will also help you set your compass for the direction you want your life to go. Yes we always need a plan when setbacks occur- as they do. A larger goal is a series of smaller baby step goals to reach our destination.




R-Realistic or relevant


Here is my personal example in Oct 2022:

S- Each year in October I compete in my largest paddling event - I compete against my own personal best year over year, I set a specific time and set my training schedule week to week.

M-I set a precise time, date and training plan to complete the 51km's- doing time controls

A-I set specific actions to ensure I am prepared to complete the task- ie. train in all different types of weather conditions.

R-Does your goal support the direction you want to go in life? If so- motivation and focus are much easier.

T-Do you have a deadline- for my event it is race day.

This picture is the start line- Nutrition packed for energy top ups every 45 min in my case.

Below is a picture of my finished result. Last year I beat my time and also came 2nd in my class division. A combination of being prepared, training and setting smart goals.

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