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The beautiful lady of Colour

The beautiful lady of colour!

On Friday as I get ready to finish up for the day, I see a lady sitting on her walker looking outside. She is dressed to the nines, hair done, bright lipstick on and a ring virtually on every finger! Full of Sparkle... Personally- I had a week let me tell you and when I looked at her, I just had to smile!

The conversation:

Me: My goodness you look beautiful- are you going somewhere? She says "YES"! "HERE"!

I laugh and smile from ear to ear - as if this is a life teaching moment (for me of course)! Well let me tell you- learning is every minute of our lives.

Lady: My dear do you know how old I am?

Me: Please tell me?

Lady: Well I have outlived my daughter- who died of a brain annurism in her 60's and I know what it means to live a century.

Me: I understand now! When I ask if your going somewhere and you say "HERE"! That is truly something to celebrate. ( Her mind is so sharp)Enjoying the moment.

Lady: Thank you! For telling me I look beautiful-you made my day.

Me: My pleasure! Tell me about your rings- I see so many different colours on your hands?

Lady: They are from many places - one a Mexico vacation and this one is from my great grandmother. ( she talks for about two minutes on the craftsmanship using rubies)

Me: Thank you for sharing! I say " the only colour I do not see is an Emerald"

Lady: OH- I STILL HAVE TIME! I need one of those...

This is just amazing!❤️❤️❤️

I think I have to find her an emerald ring!

I hope you liked this story of mine, I have a lot of them. I think she was trying to teach me you don't have to dress for anyone but yourself and go wherever and celebrate every day in your present moment.

Here are some moments of the sunset last night in Prince Edward County- Canada.

A hike on the Millennium Trail yesterday.

Have a great week and Happy Sunday?

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

What is your best life!

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