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Parents do you have a child with Diabetes? Worry less (if that's possible) and sleep more...

Remember knowledge is power! This is a great article from Dexcom. There are three things that have emerged in my research with parents and children living with Diabetes and their self management routines- more BELOW:-)

Quote“From the parent of a four-year-old daughter with diabetes, who can be more at ease when she goes on a sleepover because her levels can be monitored remotely; to a grandparent with diabetes feeling more confident while taking care of their grandkids; to the elite athlete that is playing at the top of their game – all rely on Dexcom CGM, and it’s a privilege to make a product that can make such a profound difference. Honestly, the stories we hear would bring tears to your eyes.”

  1. Physical activity is not only possible but a requirement in a good self care strategy. If it is recreational or competitive sport- you can give it everything you got and win. A 15 year old I took out on the water paddle boarding, shared her routine with me, her worries and how she helped her Mom relax and rest more. It was by taking responsibility for her self care early in life... YES, wise beyond her years this role model- and yes she is just that with JDRF. I refer to her as a bit of a YODA

  2. The importance of advancements in medical technology, just like the article I am sharing here. If you do not live with Diabetes - it is hard to fathom what a continuous glucose monitor really means.

  3. Transitioning from a Child to Adult in the healthcare system- I was shocked to hear from a young man who this year reached the adult age and how difficult it is for him to get the treatment he needs - within a burdened system. If you have a young adult transitioning in age my suggestion is do a joint visit with the doctor and ask the best go forward plan and prebook the appointments. Support in care does not have to challenge their independence. It is LOVE. I say this because I have an independent child - mastering the art of communication and helicopter parenting is an interesting dynamic.

Enjoy the article:

Have an amazing week,

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting


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