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Spiderweb metaphor- applying the "Laws of Nature"

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

If we could speak to people like Darwin, Jacques Cousteau, Thomas Hobbes on the Laws of Nature, I am pretty sure they would all articulate one common message. The laws of nature are very real and are intricately woven into our very fabric as humans. Taking the time to investigate what that really means can change our whole perspective of the world and how we are interconnected.

The course I recently launched "Mastery Lifeworks" (I am not meaning for this to sound like a sales pitch), was born through real life events that either myself or a loved one has experienced- years of experience with proof that the words if applied can make meaningful change in someones life, especially if experiencing health set backs or storm patches.

I am fascinated by how nature works- so I thought my explanation of the Mastery lifeworks program, could best be compared to a spider building a web. There is one thing I know for certain, you go against the FLOW of nature and you best be prepared:-)

Let's think about what a spider uses their amazing unique talent for? Well - it starts with the ability to spin a web which is quite extraordinary, it can take as little as 30-60 minutes.

The photo below is taken at Grand Lake in Nova Scotia this week. Early morning a lot of webs are undisturbed.

When a spider builds a web , it creates a framework to build a solid structure, then radius threads are added that fill in the structure and finally the spiral threads to complete.

Now - think about what a spider uses their web for? KNOWING (spider silk is one of the strongest and most versatile materials in the world)

  • catching prey/food

  • shelter

  • transportation

  • architects of building their home

These are all survival skills that are built into their species. That alone is just cool- when you think about how nature orchestrated that.

Just like a spider builds a strong web (designed themselves) using their special skill- we as humans need to do that in our own lives as well. We often forget what tools we have in our toolbox. To build our best lives, we often need reminding or help to either relearn or learn how to put them to use.

Will Lifeworks Mastery fix your problem? Well that is up to your unique situation and you- I simply convey you are the architect of your own life. Stormy days are just a reality we need to prepare our mind and body for.

I am stealing a quote from a Formula 1 documentary- it is this:

The mind is the athlete- the BODY is simply the means"

All this say's is your mind is mission critical to create positive outcomes- work on understanding yourself, your skills, your passions and your gifts to support your life vision- I promise this will help navigate you.

Have an amazing day,

The 30 day Mastery Sessions can be found at:

Danielle Pointon

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