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Visit a senior in your life today, it matters more than you know!

(Father and son)

When I started Live Blue Consulting a few years ago there was one concrete fact from my life experience that I came to know, there is tremendous value in sharing stories and listening to those who walked this path we call life before us. It is impossible to put a value on the time that you spend getting to know someone better, trusting you enough with their life story and often times giving you nuggets of information that will add value to your life or perhaps teach different perspectives. Most important, to a senior one of the most precious gifts is TIME, and they love to reminisce. This post is not about fitness, nutrition or health, it is about what we can give to someone else that matters. Many seniors today are lonely and treasure connection. This is a shout out for them.

I would like to share 3 very short anecdotal stories that will fill your heart on the meaning of sharing time with a senior, and what it means to them. (I will use fictional names in place of the real people and this is my own experiences in the last 4 months)

Story #1

Every morning I would get to the Senior community about 8:20- 8:30 am depending on weather, I would enter through the side door and pass one gentleman's apartment (BEN). Ben had diabetes and was an early bird, he never said too much but was always very happy if you took the time to stop and say hi. I noticed every morning I would come in, he was always standing outside his apartment door and I never quite knew why. The more I took notice I found out that Ben had known one of the staff members for many decades since childhood her name (Marie). When Marie would come to work she took the time to bring Ben cookies- catered to his diabetes. Ben never had too many visitors, but I can tell you no matter if Marie worked or not Ben looked for her every day. When I asked Ben about the cookies - not one word was about this diabetic treat, it was all about Marie.

Story #2

I spent some time speaking with a gentleman (Tom) who had lost his wife in 2023 after many decades of marriage. He took the time to tell me about her, the businesses he started, his children and some life lessons learned. He admitted the time alone now was too hard to handle, even while many of his children visited regularly. When I asked him when he is most happy today, Tom told me his caregiver would take him to a store he once owned and he would enjoy walking the isles. That time spent for him was of huge value. Tom left the world not long after this chat I had with him and not many months after his wife. As an observation, the heart is powerful and situations such as this are easy to find with the loss of a loved one. Some voids cannot be filled.

Story #3

Through a special event I brought into the community with a local rotary - a group of people brought in sewing machines to make reusable women's sanitary napkins for countries that need supplies and a means of educating young girls on hygiene (many other reasons and a great mission). The seniors were encouraged to join in and help where they could, which a few did. One lady (Sue) asked me if she could give us a monetary donation and started to cry. Thanking her for her generosity, I asked her why she was feeling sad? Sue told me that she and her daughter spent many years sewing together and she felt she no longer has the movement in her hands or the eyesight to ever do it again. She missed that time spent and remembered it fondly.

I hope you enjoyed this and never underestimate the gift of your time. Attached below is a picture of my first practice out on a new vessel called a prone board. Look how amazing nature is from this perspective, on the water. (First sunrise after the eclipse)

Have an amazing day, I hope you can both give to support someone else's best life and do something that contributes to your best life.

Danielle Pointon

Live Blue Consulting

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