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Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Lifework Mastery - Helping people discover tools to better manage chronic illness and be their own hero in life.

Who does not love free and functional- JDRF provides their No Limits care and toolkits that provide information and resources for people and families who are newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D). In them you will find information to help you better understand and manage your condition. We offer T1D tools, resources and information for people of any age or stage of life. (see more below to order yours today)

Lifeworks Mastery tip- if you need help getting outdoors or your walks in - a pet is a great companion that gets anyone out and gives lots of love when cared for. This is not a light decision to get a pet. I mean to express, done the right way it can change someone's world and habits with the right circumstances. Pro tip: You must acknowledge not everyone is a pet person, so do your research upfront - they are like humans when they become attached to a person.


Teen No Limits Care Kit (link button below)

Being a teenager comes with enough challenges, and T1D makes it even more difficult, especially when it’s a new diagnosis. Our JDRF No Limits care kit provides teens and parents with the information and encouragement needed to adjust to life with T1D. The No Limits Teen Care Kit is available for teens aged 12-17 and contains a diabetes supply bag, educational resources, and a link to download the Begin with Hope guide.

Adult No Limits Care Kit (link button below) A new diagnosis of T1D is challenging at any age. We’ve compiled the resources you need to help you adapt to your new normal. The JDRF No Limits Adult care kit is a free resource for those 18+ and provides information and tools to help support adults newly diagnosed with T1D. The No Limits Adults care kit contains a diabetes supply bag, educational resources, and a link to download the Begin with Hope guide. Request Adult Care Kit

Have an amazing week,

Danielle Pointon

PS-Join me for the 30 day lifeworks Mastery Sessions-get to know you better and design the life you are meant to live.

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